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ER staffing

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This has probably been a topic before but can you tell me how you calculate your staffing hours? do you include assistive personnell in that or is it just nursing hours?

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We have set staffing every day which unfortunately does not change base on census. Weare a 19 bed hospital with an 8 bed fast track.


1 from 7a-11a

2 from 11a-11p

1 from 11p-7a


1 from 7a-7p for triage

1 from 7p-7a for triage


6 from 7a-11a

8 from 11a-11p

6 from 11p-3a

5 from 3a-7a

Fast Track

2 RNs from 11a-11p (only hours they are open)

The RNs include the charge nurse, who only takes an assignment if we are short and includes the triage nurse.

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