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ER rotation in the 4th year

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Hello everyone, I am in the last year of my RN program and I've picked ER for my clinical placement. I was just wondering of any of you have had a chance to go to ER for your clinical placement and what the expectations are of a 4th year student. If you work in the ER right now, you can also give me some advice. I will find out everything about my placement in orientation but it's not till 3rd week of this month and I am very curious.

Thank you


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AirforceRN works as a Military.

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I did my final school rotation in Emerg and I loved it. There are a lot of things that are done in the emerg (drugs being pushed, cardioversions, etc etc) and its very important to remember to stay in your lane. If you aren't allowed to push morphine as a nursing student, then don't do it. Don't step outside of your scope as a student. Its not only illegal, its dangerous and can cost you your potential at a license if something goes wrong.

That being said, its a great learning opportunity. Try and see as much as you can...let the other staff know who you are and that you are keen and they will be much more likely to come and grab you when something cool is going down.

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