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Epipen course


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Hey all!

I need to take an Epipen course! Everytime I sign up with my local red cross they cancel the class due to not enough enrollment! Well I only have 6 weeks until I go to camp! Can you take the epipen course online? Do you know somehwere in the long island- NYC- westchester area where I can take the course? I am doing the RTE (responding to emergencies) course this week and I do not think epipen is included! Thanks for your help guys!! P.S. Sooo exited for camp this year!!

Take a peek at Epipen.com and see if it gives you enough information. You might also contact Mylan, or Dey for resources but I would go to the website first. I used to be a rep for the company and they are great about providing contacts, literature or training devices for those in need.

Best of luck to you!



Specializes in Step-Down. Has 5 years experience.

update: I completed the American Red Cross RTE -Responding to Emergencies course and Epipen was included! I got a certification card for Epipen and RTE. I am all set for camp this year!!