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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

cprud cprud (New) New

cprud specializes in med-surg, GI, OR, ER.

Working in a new, developing EMU-20 year veteran of the ED-I am looking for standards of care, nurse patient ratios, and any common practices. Would love to hear from any EMU nurses out there-thanks!

Surprised1 specializes in pediatric neurology and neurosurgery.

Peds here. For phase I EMU patients, we have a 4:1 patient ratio. Phase II and III are neurosurgery, which is 2:1. Step-down is 3:1. Besides the normal nursing standards (ADPIE), you'll do a lot of education, tons of coordination of care and diagnostics, and be ready to rescue patients who are off their AEDs. It's very rewarding, and you'll develop relationships with your patients.

cprud specializes in med-surg, GI, OR, ER.

Thank you so much! I am enjoying the work so much! Very challenging and rewarding to help others with epilepsy. We have yet to have any phase 2 patients. The unit is still growing and we are trying to get word out. Appreciate your reply!


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