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Entrepreneurs in teaching???

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Hi everyone!!

I just started a new position as the adon in assisted living and I'm loving the challenges and opportunities so far. Some of my duties are to train the staff who want to be mediation aides, cna/ pca and those who need cpr all of the training I need they will pay for. The director and I will split the training but both will be trained in the end all of these courses. My question is has anyone used the classes to start an entrepreneurial venture? If so how did you did you begin? I have I my business name and tax ID so that is done and I don't plan to hall off and this ft without trying to buildup a base but I want that in the future.

This is something I have been thinking of for awhile but now I have an employer that will pay for the classes I.would need in the beginning as well as a training ground.

Any advice is welcomed and appreciated


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