Why are there NO posts to this forum?

  1. I would love to see some input into this forum... Is it up and running? B.
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  3. by   TRN
    I would love to hear from nurses who have their own business! I am thinking of starting a contract agency. Any advice? Thank you.
  4. by   nightingale
    TRN... perhaps another poster will be able to give you some input... B.
  5. by   dmagee
    I own a small staffing agency that only pays nurse entrepreneurs and shows nurses how to become business entities. I look forward to all of your questions.
  6. by   nightingale

    What information does the hospital/institution want from the independent contractor?

  7. by   dmagee
    Depends on the Hospital. Some want to see your corporate charter and will do a internet search to see if your corporation is in good standing. All want to see liability insurance (1 mill, 3 mill aggregate) State Disability Insurance and workers comp insurance. Some want copies of w-9's, drug test, background check, one wanted a 1 million dollar Fidelity Bond, which cost me $350 per nurse. Copy of Professional Liability insurance on each nurse.
    And everyone thinks I take too much money from the nurses as a middleman. I am lucky if I have anything for my family when all is said and done.
  8. by   nightingale

    What is in it for you? Why are you so willing to put up with all the financial burdens and the headaches?

  9. by   dmagee
    My wife gets top dollar while working locally. No more strikes or long distance travel assignments for us and I make 1-2% for my family. I'm also getting an education. I have never been an employee nor do I intend to. I gave up a successful soccer camp and Commissioner of the NSCAA for this and have no regrets. That is enough for me.
  10. by   SharonH, RN
    David, thanks for your input on this matter. It is most appreciated. It is somewhat disappointing however to see that there is not more interest in this topic.
  11. by   nightingale
    Your posts have been appreciated.... I am surprised that there has not been more interest from other nurses here....

  12. by   dmagee
    It is not that there isn't more interest, it is the fact that the nurses are not sure how to go about it. That is the reason I do what I do. Traveling Nurses are used to taking the $35hr being told where to live during the assignment, how to get there and the companies take all the perks from them (deductions). If we can make being independent like taking an assignment where everthing is taken care of then it will catch on. We should post on the delphi that this forum is also here.
  13. by   nightingale
    I agree... it should be made a lot easier... it sounds like all the business aspects of indenpendent contracting could bog down the most adventurist nurse...

    It is my hope that some of "us who desire to be independent" can evolve into independence.

  14. by   dmagee
    It is not hard if you have the right team of professionals working behind you. That has been a major issue over the past two years for me. I found and used certain screening questions with these professionals. If they say no to a corporation because of double taxation it is time to find a new one. If they say no to a C-Corp because of a nurse having to be a professional service corporation, it is time to move onto the next cpa or lawyer. If they say you shouldn't be in business for yourself because it cost too much in taxes etc. then it is time to move to the next one. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have finally found a team of professionals that can handle it all for one flat fee. Not the $250hr lawyer or the $75hr CPA. I just spoke to a nurse yesterday who was excited about the land she just bought for investment purposes. I asked her who's name that land was under. She said her name. I proceeded to remind her that if she made a med error that killed someone at work tonight and got sued she could kiss her land good bye. It is important that we find professionals that will show us how to protect our assets and keep more of our own money. The goal here is to ritire from nursing early and there is no reason this cannot happen with the money that is being made. It just isn't going to happen being an employee.

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