Update: Back to the drawing board

  1. *sigh* Alas, although I was told that I was approved to be a vendor at one Atlanta area hospital and that I would be offered a contract as an independent contractor, I was not. That fell through. Oh well, pressing on..........
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  3. by   nightingale
    Press on dear Sharon my friend of inspiration!

    What was the problem? Too many vendors? Can you get in on the next go around?

    It is working well for me these days to get subcontracts through existing agencies. I am in essence a vendor to the agency. It makes me more money but I can still keep those lovely tax deductions I so very much enjoy.
  4. by   SharonH, RN
    Bonnie, thanks for your words of encouragement. Too many vendors is exactly the problem. In fact, that is the problem I am facing everywhere I go. Many hospitals report that they are using 10 or more agencies. Argghhh! I have to tell you that I had not considered subcontracting through the agencies. What is their cut when you do it like that and how hard is it to get a contract like that?
  5. by   nightingale
    I will PM you Sharon.
  6. by   LoisJean
    Sharon: I subcontract my services to a Home and Community Based Service Agency. This is entails the art of bidding. I can say that my bid is far below that of an organized Agency...therefore, I get the contract at MY bid offer. They do not get a 'cut'. What they get is a big, whooping savings.

    At least this is my experience.

    Lois Jean