Help, Ideas, support with this business idea of mine

  1. Hello all,

    I want to start a business of private nursing care in the home for seniors on a private pay basis. I an an LPN and have looked into the nurse practice act and I cant find anything that would prohibit me from setting up meds, doing assessments, education, dressing changes, cooking a meal On my own. I however, cannot find any information on starting a business like this. I would like to start out on my own no other staff or anything. Maybe charge $30 per visit. I would like to act as a middle man making sure pills are ordered, setting appointments with there DR. I however, don't want to do procedures (I will provide cath care, but not change it ect.)

    Is there anyone out there providing this kind of service that can help me?

    Anyone have suggestions, Ideas, anything that can help turn this idea into a reality? Thanks for all the help!

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