Finding a supervising MD

  1. I want to start a small telemedicine/concierge practice, but in my state we must have a supervising MD. I really have no idea how to go about finding one. They don't have to be in the immediate area and I can meet with them virtually.

    1. How do you go about finding a supervising MD?

    2. How are supervising MD usually paid? By number of cases? Flat fee? Percentage of your profit?

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    Usually monthly rate. You just have to place ad looking for one.
  4. by   fullefect1
    Sign up for a Linkedin account that allows you to send private messages. Contact all the local physician, tell them your experience, your business plan, their expected commitment (minimum), and their pay. You should get a good amount of response back if the pay is high and the work is low.

    I don't think they would take an offer on profit (profit comes later), but a percentage of collections would work best for you to start. Try signing a 1-2 year deal, then later on.. you can negotiate a set monthly fee that works better for you.
  5. by   nille1178
    What type of services would you be offering?