Do you use Manual Lymph Drainage?

  1. Hi!

    Are any of you certified to do manual lymph drainage on patients? I just took an introductory workshop on it, and it's an amazing modalitity. The instructor made it clear that I would need a lot more training before I could work on anyone who was ill, but it seems to have a lot of benefits that relate to health and healing.

    Apparently in Europe and Australia, manual lymph drainage is very integrated into the medical care system and there is evidence that it is being more accepted by the medical community here in the states.

    Any insights on this modality would be greatly appreciated. I'm interested in hearing if any RN's out there have specialized in lymphatic work, and how they utilize it.

    Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   levelee
    I was wondering if you ever got any information on this. I'm also interested in doing lymph work when I complete the RN program. Not sure what specialty incorporates that type of work.