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  1. It has recently come to my attention that RNs can open a nursing assistant training program. After doing some research, I've seen a few posts on the idea. Does anyone know or could give me an estimate of how much a nursing assistant school/program profits?
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  3. by   Takeyla22
    I too would like some info.
  4. by   TeaCea
    Did you ever get the answers you needed? If so, how is the startup going?
  5. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    This is what I have found, I am compiling research 1) start with your health department, requirements vary , look for a Train the Trainer program...these instructors may be able to give you more specifics. If you end up going downing this route...start networking now as you will need to find clinical locations eventually.
  6. by   TeaCea
    Sounds like you are making progress....stay focused!!

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