Anyone a National Nurses in Business Member?

  1. Hi there, I'm disappointed that there are such little resources for us as Nurse entrepreneurs. What are some of the websites/books you use for guidance? I'm also thinking of joining the National Nurses in Business Association. Are you a member? What's your experience if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!

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  3. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    @texasP Hello! I am a National Nurses in Business member! It has been great, Michelle is amazing! I honestly have not been able to keep up with ALL of the resources that she sends out. If you would like more information please let me know. All of the best. Amelia RN
  4. by   Nurse Beth
    Hi there, I am a member of NNBA and it has been immensely helpful. My first conference was last year, and I'm going again October 14th to this year's conference in Las Vegas. I'm speaking on how to use social media to boost your business. You will hear some amazing nurse entrepreneurs speak, watch a Shark Tank competition, and meet people who will help you.