? Pumpkin Facials

  1. Any aesthetic nurses doing pumpkin facials, pumpkin peels, etc. around this time of year? If so please advise to what product your are using, how you are doing it, etc, as I would like to incorporate it into my selection of services asap. Also any advice as to how to decorate the outside of my office to attract customers (for free or cheap) would be helpful. I am considering making gift purses (purses with my skin care products inside) to put on a rack out on the sidewalk to sell and attract people. Maintaining clientele is a constant issue for me.
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    It's funny, I just saw pumpkin facials advertised under the business Space Coast Massage driving home today. I laughed to myself, thinking it was a little weird. I guess its good for around Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have heard of cucumber and milk facials. Good luck with your business!

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