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Hi All, Has anyone taken the entrance assessment test recently from Western Governers Universuty, the RN to BSN program? It looks like a great program, but I am wondering how the entrance test goes. Can anyone tell me more details of this test ? how shall I prepare myself for the test and is it possible to set the test time to fit to my schedule?




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Google WGU entrance assessment test. The test is at home on your pc



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I didn't have to do the entrance test. I don't think its required for RN to BSN.



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You don't have to do it if you have an RN it won't come off the main screen until after your semester starts

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Can anyone tell me more details of this test ?
I took the WGU Readiness Assessment several months ago. Basically, anyone who can read, write and do math at an 8th grade level can pass it. Click on the website link below for the details.

Western Governors University Readiness Assessment

Also, the previous posters are correct when they mentioned that RN-to-BSN prospective students no longer need to take and pass the Readiness Assessment. However, I leave the information up for those prospective students who are not nurses and have interest in enrolling in a different major or concentration.