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So I've got my temporary license in the state where I'm offered a job. It last for 12 months. I've started the EB3-process. However, now I'm afraid that the temporary will expire until I arrive in the US. The reason why I didn't get a permanent right away was because they needed the results to be sent from IELTS-test center and couldn't accept my copy. However, on the states BON page, it says that one needs "Achieve a passing score of 6.5 or higher overall, with a minimum of 6.0 in each module.".

Although I scored Overall 7.5. Listening: 8.5, Speaking: 8.5, Reading: 7.0, and Writing 5.5.

I got IELTS to send my results to the BON, but now I'm scared that they won't issue my permanent license because of that 5.5. Is there anyone that has been issued a Temporary licsence then provides the information they requested and got the temporary license withdrawn? Or the permanent license never issued?

I mean, I uploaded my copy, so they must of seen my IELTS results before issuing my temporary?