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English and math help

gigirose gigirose (New) New

Hello everyone!

I'm new here and I'm looking for help regarding the TEAS exam. I've passed the reading and science, but I'm having trouble with math and English sections. Besides the ATI book, what websites or even YouTube channels did you all find helpful for these sections? My main issues in English are subject verb agreement and percentages/fractions for math. Any help is much appreciated! :geek:

Check out this guy for math help. He goes through every problem in the ATI prep book. You can search the videos for the problems you need help with

I second farmraised's recommendation for Keshwani's videos! He's super helpful.

Thank you so much! I will check it out í ½í¸Š

Great referral! Keshwani's videos correspond with the ATI book, by subject, and he includes the page. I am also using mometrix. They have excellent English videos as well. I started with the first video and I am watching each one and taking notes. They make flash cards too!

Hi guys does Keshwani have videos for reading as well?


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