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Endorsing/Transferring US license to PR

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Posting this for those who are interested.

There is some information already available on those looking to transfer their licenses to the states, with some states like Florida having a fairly straightfoward method for doing so. For those looking to do the opposite, that information is not so easily found.

I had to ask a few different persons at different institutions to find out what the process is for endorsing a non-PR -lincense to PR. The authority that handles these matters is the Junta Examinadora de Enfermería de Puerto Rico which can be reached via: (787) 765-2929. Though many people have issues with getting anyone to answer calls. I'm not sure on the forum's policy regarding displaying professional boards contact information so I won't post the email/name of whom I contacted, but contacting the health department's main email listed on their home page: contactus@salud.pr.gov about your request should prompt a response within a few days.

The process is actually pretty similar to endorsing between states, there is a form that must be filled out and a fee to be paid. However, the form must be accompanied with several supplemental documents and in some places signed by officials of different institutions.


1.  Print  or type  all  information  on  this  form,  except  signatures.

2.  Applicant’s  address  should  be  as  precise  as  possible,  so  as  to  assure mail  delivery.  

 3.  The  certification  of  the  educational  program  should  be  completed  by  the  Schools, Institution  Director  or by  the  person  authorized  thereby.

4.  The  official  seal  of  the  school  or  control  institution  must  be  included  in  the  space provided  for said  purpose.

5.  The  legal  certification  or  affidavit  should  be  executed  by  an  attorney  who  is  a  Public Notary  or  by  a  judge.  The  legal  certification  shall  be  subscribed  after  all  the  other information  has been  written  on  this document  and  the  required  photograph  has been attached  hereto.  ***If  affidavit  were  to  be  completed  in  the  U.S.  it  must  be submitted  with a  County  Clerk  state  certification.  ***

6.  The  photograph  shall  be  a  professional  2’’x  2’’  in  size,  signed  in  ink  by  the  applicant facing  front,  taking  care  that  the  face  is  not  marked  by  any  letter. 7.  The persons  appearing  as references shall  sign  personally  on  the  corresponding  line. 8.  These  documents  shall  be  sent  by  applicant  or  by  the  Nursing  School  /  Institution directly  to  the  Puerto  Rico  Board  of  Nurse  Examiners: a.  Copy  of  high  school diploma  or certification.   b.  High  school official  transcripts  (Only  Practical Nurse).   c.  If  high  school  studies  were  taken  in  a  foreign  country  you  must  submit  the transcript  to  the  Department  of  Education  of  P.R.  for  a  certification  of  grade equivalence.    (Transcripts  must  be  sent  directly  to  the  Board  by  the  school; transcripts  must  explain  their  academic  evaluation  system.) d.  Copy  of  nursing  diploma. e.  Copy  of  nursing  license.     f.     Official  nursing  transcripts  (transcripts  must  be  sent  directly  to  the  Board  by  the School  or  Institution;  transcripts  must  explain  their  academic  evaluation  system, the  content  and  level of  each  course  and  the  number  of  hours). g.  Certificate  of  no  criminal  record  from  the  Puerto  Rico  Police  Department  and  from the  place  of  residence  during  the  last  five  years. 


Completing all of these requirements can be pretty lengthy, but at least for those already licensed there is no need to sit for another exam once the Junta has approved everything.



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