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Endorsement and temporary license timeline

by mariodsalesii mariodsalesii (New) New

Hi all!

Im I'm new to AllNurses, even though I've read countless threads here. Thought I would give it a shot to get some questions answered.

So I passed my NCLEX last month in California, and just a few days ago interviewed for jobs in Oklahoma. I had started the Endorsement process a week ago, and while I was in Oklahoma, got my fingerprinting done and handed in official transcripts and all the necessary papers for endorsement. Just today I expressed mailed my verification of license request to CA BRN, and now waiting for the process to finish.

The residency program starts August 11, and I am worried about all this license stuff. I just had a few questions.

1. How log will it take for my license to be verified?

2. How does the temporary license work and when will I be issued one?

Ms little worries because program starts in a little over a month and I've been hearing that endorsement takes forever :(

Thanks again! Hope to hear from somebody soon :)