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Endorsement process RN Utah


Hi i'm fairly new here in allnurses. I have some questions for you guys regarding the endorsement process for registered nurse in Utah.I'm living here in California but I have a New Mexico License and I want to endorse my New Mexico License to Utah. I'm a foreign graduate nurse from the Philippines and after a month of applying I've finally landed a job in Utah I've always loved the outdoor environment of Utah.My question is what are the steps for me to endorse my New Mexico license to Utah .And I'm planning of making Utah my Primary State of Residence.Is the application online.?Do i still have to Use CGFNS just like I did when I applied to New Mexico.?Thanks guys

do I have to print out the form and mail it to DOPL or is their an online version for the application.?

Thanks again

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You really need to check their website yourself because if there are online forms that will be where they are at