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End of Life Research

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Hello Nurses!

I'm conducting a study with regard to nurses' comfort level regarding end of life care. This is a 32 question survey that will only take 4-6 minutes to complete. I would really like to target nurses primarily with med/surg/icu/tele background. I would really appreciate your time to take this survey. Thanks! To start the survey, please click on the link below but be sure to look over the informed consent statement.

Below is a passive informed consent statement.

This End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey concerns registered nurses that work in an inpatient hospital setting that provide end of life care. An Assessment of Educational Needs in Nurses Related to End of Life Care is being conducted to fulfill the requirements of the above named course. I understand that my participation is voluntary and I may stop completing the End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey at any time and I do not have to answer any question(s) I choose not to answer.

The risks associated with my completing this End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey are slight emotional risk and I accept them. Benefits of my participation in this study are no immediate benefits and I accept them.

I understand that any data collected as part of this study will be stored in a safe and secure location, and that this data will be erased when this research is completed.

I understand that my identity will not be revealed in any way through my participation in this study; I will not place my name on this document and the results will not be reported in a way that will reveal individual participants.


If I do not want to complete this End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey I may choose to not complete it online. If I do choose to participate, you may click on the following link and complete survey questions online. Clicking on the submit button is an agreement to participate in this research study.

End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey

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Grobyc82 has 1 years experience.

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Survey is closed, thank you for your participation.

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Just wanted to post the results of the research study:

Research Article

The national consensus project for quality palliative care established eight domains of

clinical practice guidelines that addresses the multidisciplinary nature of palliative and end-of-

life care. Registered nurses are the health care professionals responsible for providing care at the

bedside. As such, registered nurses will provide care for the dying and address concerns from

families of the dying. Previous studies have suggested educational gaps in registered nurses

regarding EOL care but either had relatively low sample sizes and were limited to one hospital.

This is a descriptive survey study that examined the educational needs in registered

nurses that provide end-of-life care. Using the End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey by

Lazenby et al (2012), this study will be able to determine whether there are educational gaps in

end-of-life care in registered nurses that work in the hospital.

This thesis demonstrated that registered nurses have educational gaps and lack of comfort

in end-of-life care. The purpose of this study is to show where nurses have these educational

gaps using a descriptive survey method using the End of Life Professional Caregiver Survey. A

comprehensive literature review was performed and determined that there existed gaps in

knowledge and comfort in nurses related to EOL care. Surveys were dispensed on an online web

forum with respect to registered nurses that work in an in-patient hospital setting. A total of 62

participants filled out the survey and results were interpreted using SPSS. The results showed

that registered nurses are moderately comfortable in patient and family centered communication

in EOL care. Registered nurses within this study still have educational gaps in cultural and

ethical values and effective care delivery according to scores from the survey. The results of

survey scores and demographics are analyzed and compared with the current literature.

Conclusions and recommendations for future nursing practice are made with regard to EOL care.

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