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Employment and health records question

by Kamphaus5 Kamphaus5 (New) New

Hi- This may be a question that has been answered before, but I wasn't able to find it. I recently applied and interviewed on an L&D floor where I delivered my children. When I delivered, I had a terrible nurse there, and made a big complaint. Are they allowed to look at my records, and will they see that when determine if I get the position? I assume it's against HIPAA...but I didn't know.

It would be a HIPAA violation, and no, they won't look at your medical records. I can't tell you that they wouldn't care about your complaint or if anyone even remembers, but perhaps she got fired for cause p your complaint and they are grateful:) I wouldn't mention any of it to anyone.

That's a relief! Thank you. I assumed they weren't "allowed", but I wasn't sure if they *would*. I don't know how the access is monitored. She isn't there anymore and the charge nurse that got my earful, isn't either.