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Emory New Grad Residency October 2014


Hey everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for the October 2014 Residency at Emory Saint Joseph's. Has anyone else applied yet?

Hey I just applied! Good luck to everyone that does.

cynkethia89 what areas did you put for your top 3?

My areas were: general medical, critical care, and the er

I put cardiovascular, critical care, and er. I wonder how long it will take until we start hearing back?

Hi everyone! I applied on Saturday and got a call that my info is being forwarded to schedule an interview. Has anyone else heard anything yet?

Hey I also received a call yesterday saying the same thing! they seem to be contacting people pretty fast. Good luck to everyone

I just got a call today saying they're forwarding my application!

Got a call today that my application was forwarded as well! I am beyond excited!

Sooo anyone heard anything yet?