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Emergency Room Tech


I'm looking at taking the plunge into nursing and am also looking into an Emergency Room Tech position. My concern is, will I be qualified enough for this position. I've worked in a hospital as a transportation aide/care provider but have no certification. Will I need CNA certification to get any of these jobs or would they be willing to give some on the job training? Thanks in advance.


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Hi--I know several EMT-B's who are ER techs. When hospitals post openings, they usually specify that applicants should be either a CNA or an EMT-B. Then the ER techs are trained in phlebotomy and EKG.


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EMT is a requirement (6mo course) and not all ER techs do Phelbotomy unfortunately. They are taking that away from them in certain hospitals. I was a Tech for 5 yrs in Norwalk. Its a lot of fun!!! If you want to be a Nurse you should definitely take a look at being an EMT.

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