Wound cleaning

  1. Our ER docs insist on using a solution of
    H202/betadine/NS for the intial cleaning of wounds. Isn't this in the "dark ages".

    What do you use?

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  3. by   Speers
    I don't know about being in the dark ages, but we rarely use betadine on open wounds. Studies have found it can be caustic to the tissue if too concentrated. We are using a product called ShurClens. It looks and feels like soap. Its great because it does not cause any pain and can also be used around the eyes, since it is not irritating.
    thanks for responding to my signing in confidentially problem. I'll have to look into the buddy system!

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  4. by   sheez
    Gee! Thanks for the replies. I have been validated. I keep telling them to use just NS, but it is falling on deaf ears. I'll have to look up some good supporting literature. Keep the replies coming!

  5. by   lyraesullivan
    Both betadine and peroxide kill granulating tissue. Usually copious irrigation with NS is all you need to clean a wound 'the solution to pollution is dilution.'