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  1. Hey there. Does anyone know anything about the various emergency rooms in San Diego? I'm looking to relocate there next year and am hoping to find something that does not involve day/night rotations. I looked at UCSD and Kaiser Zion, but I'm struggling to determine if they require those sort of shifts. The info I've found is pretty vague. Also, which hospitals offer the best pay? Kaiser? I'll have 3+ years in a level 1 adult only. Any additional info regarding best places to live in San Diego or anything else you think might be helpful to know is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   onajourney
    I'm new to SD BUT from what I've heard, Kaiser pays the best and has great benefits. Other large hospitals would be UCSD (two locations: La Jolla and Hillcrest), Scripps (multiple locations), Sharp (multiple locations), and Rady Children's Hospital (near North Park). You could look under their current openings to see if they do day/night rotations. From my job search it seems that you apply specifically for a day OR night position. Areas I would consider for living would be La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Del Mar, Little Italy, North Park, and South Park. If you look a little more inland you definitely get more for your money.

    Good luck!