Rectal vs other route temperatures

  1. Does anyone have a reference that relates the accuracy of one method of temperature measurement over another?
    Our physicians advocate that rectal temperatures are the most accurate. However, with the advent of the digital thermometers, there has been some debate as to the validity of the argument. Please respond.
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  3. by   JWV
    Our phsicians recomend rectal temps on children under 3 who can't hold a thermometer in their mouths. They have found a discrepency with the use of oto thermometers on young children.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Our hospital uses four as the age you can start to get an oral temp. We did a study about two years ago in the ER and compared the tympanic vs rectal temps on children. We found quite a bit of difference. I live in the midwest and our ER is the first place they get their temp done. Especially in the winter, we found a large difference. We use only rectal temps now on peds pts and of course for hypothermia pts and geriatric septic pts. This is working well for us. We also have rectal continuous temp probes available. Good luck.