qualitative nursing research

  1. Looking for chat rooms or sites dealing with qualitative nursing research. Spirituality in nursing has been proposed as the topic to search for, but want to explore what else may be out there
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  3. by   Karen M. Griffin
    You might want to check out the Kent State Nursing Research listserv. I subscribed to that listserv during my graduate research course, and found it very helpful. I'm sure you will get much feedback if you post a question. To activate, I think you need to e-mail to listserv@listserv.kent.edu with the message: subscribe. leave the name and subject lines blank. If this doesn't work, try accessing the Kent State listserv web page at http://listserv.kent.edu/archives/nurseres.html It may provide a link for listserv subscription.

    Good luck. Have you decided on a theorist to connect with your research? I really like Rosemarie Parse... She has a specific methodology for conducting qualitative research. You might want to check out the journal Nursing Science Quarterly also.