Petition for Small Hospital

  1. Hey guys I put this on the Georgia site. I work in a small critical access hospital in Fort Valley Georgia. We are wanting to build a more modernized hospital, because this one just can not keep up with the changing times. Of course, the bigger hospitals are not so happy about this plan and want to give us a hard time. We have a petition going around that we need 5000 signatures by Nov. 10th. We are still short some signatures and I am asking anyone willing if you would go on the web site I will provide and sign the petition for a new hospital it will be greatly appreciated. If you do sign up please let me know. On the website you can see all the reasons for the new facility and what our plans are. Thanks to all
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    Actually, the problem has more to do with the State of Georgia having very heavy limitations on CON issuance. And that is something that affects the big guys as much as the small guys.
  4. by   Kyrshamarks
    Thank god I live in a state where they can build a hospital wherever they want to. No CON needed here.