Just wanted to say thanx

  1. I would like to say thanx to all the ER workers. I've had asthma all my life. kinda a come and go thing. I will completely ok for 1, 6 months a year. I'm sure you know the kind.

    Anyway I've had a few asthmatic trips to the ER when my inhalers weren't doing the trick. My last trip was just under a week ago. my o2 sats had gone down to 82%. (i'm sure you can imagine the wheezing, I probly should have gone earlier). I was taken in my one of m fellow nursing students ( I am at school far from home). I just wanted to say thanx for all the great care I always have received.

    I hope to one day join your ranks as an ER nurse, i'm currently in second year for my BSN.
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