Flowsheets. Palms. and Computers

  1. I am diligently trying to change our archaic method of long, narrative charting currently used in our ER. I would love any information or samples of methods currently used by any facility. I'm tired of the paper shuffle and would like to spend more time with my patients instead of practicing my penmanship! Our ER currently uses 4 seperate sheets of paper for triage, order entry, charging and documentation... SAVE THE TREES! and help me help our department cut down on wasting of so much paper and time!
    I've tried some search engines and have not had much luck finding info over the internet!
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  3. by   denicke
    Are you interested in complaint specific templates for documentation? If so, email me and I will give you our website for more info. Thanks, Debbie
  4. by   perfectpicture
    I would love to see the templates.i am trying to develop an assessment tool for pediatric abdominal pain,nausea and vomiting,seizures,respirator problems to do on my computer at work.i developed one for pediatric fall assessment