ER "fast-track"

  1. Hi to the group,
    I am involved in starting a Emergency Department fast track/ambulatory center in our hospital Does anyone have any guidelines or protocols as to what kind of patients NPs (nurse practitioners) can see, i.e. fast-track triage guidelines.

    If anyone can email me theeir guidelines, I will be forever grateful!!

    Thank You in advance,
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  3. by   Coldfoot
    Worked in a big one in Denver when they opened it up. Try contacting the ER at Lutheran via this web site.

    They may be able to help, they use a lot of PA's but I think a lot of the same will apply.
  4. by   mitzi77CRNP
    Thanks so much. . .
  5. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    We don't have NP in ER. We have one NP who sees pt. in our heart clinics (thoses without a MD).

    Health Units utilize NP for sexual health clinics etc...