Computerized ER Charting

  1. The charting and blanks topic triggered this for me.
    How many of you use computerized bedside charting in ER. What company do you use and how do you like it?

    We are slated to go paperless in the ER next year, and I am wondering what to expect.
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  3. by   KatieBell
    The last place that I worked at that was "paperless" was using Wellsoft. I really liked it once I got used to it. There are so many options, that for about 6 months each day i found a new one (such as PIV checked, no redness, irritation, swelling noted) All I had to do was type PIV and the whole thing popped out with drop downs, so I could chart if I had discovered an inflitrate etc.

    However, we use a ton a paper for paperless- print copies to go to the floor, to have in hard files etc....still use paper for major trauma.

    Now I am in a paper ED and I find that if I want to chart like i did on wellsoft, it would take forever.:roll