Computer Scheduling for ED Staff

  1. We are looking for a computerized scheduling program for our staff of approx 150 members. Ideally, it would default to their established "track" pattern, be able to print out a daily staff plan sheet and an update in one screen should transfer to all other applicable screens. Any suggestions???
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  3. by   CEN35
    I dont know of any.......but if you come across any let me know please.. )

  4. by   ERguru
    We use VSS. i think that stands for visual staff scheduler. it has some good qualities. it allows flexibility entering all the shifts, which we have a large variety of shifts. and it counts totals of staff at specific times. you can print monthly master schedules for groups of staff (ie, charge, staff rn, techs, secretaries) and print individual calendars for staff (it goes in their mailbox as their confirmed schedule) and print daily assignment sheets
    I have seen it in nursing mags too.
  5. by   Kathy L. RN
    Where can I find info about this VSS? We have always had problems with scheduling and this sounds like a good thing to look into.