Common ER abbreviations for charting - page 2

Hello, I'm a new grad in the ER and was wondering if any of you could give me common abbreviations used in the ER charting? When charting my initial assessment I feel like I'm spelling everything... Read More

  1. by   Murse901
    LOL = little old lady
    DFD = done fell down
    DFO = done fell out
    FDGB = fall down go boom
    BMT = baby momma trauma
    CTD = circling the drain
    DRT = dead right there
    ADASTW = arrived dead and stayed that way
    UBI = unexplained beer injury
    RCI = rectal/cranial inversion
    TMB = too many birthdays

    And a couple of bonus vitamins:
    Vitamin A = Ativan
    Vitamin H = Haldol