Certifications required?

  1. Work in a 125 bed rural hospital. ER sees approximately 40 pts/day. Just curious what other hospitals of similar size require RNs to be certified in. I've worked in the ER prn for many years and I'm thinking about taking a position there that just opened up. Am certified in ACLS and know I need PALS.
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  3. by   kw24601
    ACLS & PALS are a must as you say. Try and get your TNCC or CCRN / CEN. If those aren't available in your immediate are (being that you are rural), look at your local EMS training program. Take a BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support - Advanced version) or PHTLS class. These will at least give you some of the content of TNCC and make that course easier when you are at a place that offers it.