Bar codeing

  1. Is anyone or has anyone used the barcodeing system when administering medications. If so how do you like it?
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    I've never heard of this, I would be interested in finding out more on the matter.
  4. by   dana d
    Barcodeing is currently being used in VA centers for medication administration. The VA was actually the first to utilitize this procedure. It works just like in the grocery stores. The patient wares a wrist band with a bar code that matches his medications. Its all computerized. Scan the patient, scan the medication to be given, if its a match, then you may administer it. It is alot more detailed, but that is the core. Some nursing homes are using it as well as a few of the larger hospitals. It has shown a decrease in medication errors. But some hospitals, nursing homes, feel it is to expensive to adopt. Actually it isn't. The outcome in studies have been positive. Safety should be the number one concern, but many health care systems are not financially well these days. The hospital I currently work for, has just laid-off and cut hours. Not in nursing, but all around us.