Admissoin delays.....since I can't reply on the thread.......Brian????

  1. Despite what people think.........there is no abandonment law in Ohio......

    We are going to the faxed report in our hospital to speed things up....and it will be in the P&P, which makes it the floors responsibility.
    We sat on 11 admits in the ER last huh?
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  3. by   NinaC
    Hi Rick
    Would it be possible to have a copy of your policy and procedure for faxing reports to the admitting floor? or perhaps the worksheet your dept. will be using for the fax information? I would like to have some idea to bring back to our er to discuss.
  4. by   CEN35 me your email addy.........and I will send it...or a work fax number. I don't have access to it just yet, we havent started doing it. I will also tell you what else we are doing to try and relieve some of the back ups. Right now there are 9 things we are working on, to try and speed things up. The faxed report is one of (the first group) of three things we are currently working on!!!