1. I am interested in taking the ACLS Course, and would like to know the following. How long is the course? What is the average cost? Who should take the course? Do I need this course if I want to apply for a job in emergency nursing? If I apply for a position, and I do not have the course, what is the likelihood that my employer will arrange for the course????
    Thanks for your insight and help.......
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  3. by   CHUBBY
    For new takers, the course is 2 days can cost anywhere from $150.00 to $200.00 (depends on who's teaching it) The first day is all lecture, the second day covers Mega code , skill stations, written test. The AHA has changed the way the course is taught, before if you didn't do everything right, you failed. Recently, it has become more of a "lets teach ya until you understand it and pass" mentality. It's a requirement to work in most ER I know, however, by the same token, if it's required then your employer is responsible for sending you to a course or paying for you to take one.