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  1. What should a newly graduate student nurse posses to be a good and efficient nurse?Any tips from anyone there.Thanks..
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  3. by   CaLLaCoDe
    When you feel you're having troubles ask others for help without hesitation and some may be willing to help you and others not. Don't press the ones who don't wish to help you! This is foolish; they're stressed out with their own business, seek an open kind gentle nurse! Remember, we're in this togethor and two minds trouble shooting a problem are better than just one.

    Write down future tasks, list them in threes at a time and you will not be burdoned by a major shopping list.
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  4. by   ldixn1217
    I would say patience. There is so much as a new nurse that they dont teach you in school. Therefore you will rely on the seasoned nurses to lean on when in doubt. You can learn so much from them. Also, pay attention and watch whats going on around you. You can learn a lot by just observing without asking a bunch of questions. Good Luck!!!!!!