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I have been offered a RN charge nurse position at a LTC facility.

The "unit" I'd be working has thirty-plus residents.

I will be on the 7p-7a shift.

I asked the ADON about staffing.

She said there is ONE nurse, and ONE cna for thirty-plus residents; and NO med tech! Which means I'll have to do ALL the 2100 meds, and PRNs, insulins, treatments, charting, etc., on thirty-plus residents????

What about the residents who require more than one assist to get them up?


I need a job ~ bad! ~ but I don't even know whether to take it!!!!!


Please answer asap!


live4today, RN

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Shezam.......I would SHEZAM myself right out of there and don't look back! No nurse should be THAT desperate to put her/his license on the line in a place like that! :nono:

There are plenty of RN jobs available. If not where you live, you may consider relocating. I did, and I'm working, so I know you don't have to stoop that low just to work. That place sounds like someplace I'd report to the Board for unsafe staffing, etc.

why are you even considering it?? Sounds like a waste of time and energy as you KNOW you will be looking for another position SOON.


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That place is a menace.....no WAY can one nurse do all that. If they can't faind any CNAs or nurses THERE IS A GOOD REASON. If they cut corners on staff, which is visible, what are they doing to cut corners where it is NOT visible. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. RUN WHILE YOOU CAN

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Common sense tells me to run from a offer like that, it is ridiclious. I would tell them up front how ridiclious their staffing is and that I would never put my nursing license in danger like that. What amazes me is that families would warehouse their so called loved ones in a place like that.

Mimi2RN, ASN, RN

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I'd like to see the ADON doing that........how can any nurse (even an ADON) in their right mind suggest that RN could do that safely. Or any CNA!

And they wonder why they can't keep staff in a place like that.........


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It is not possible to nurse safely with staffing like that. Do they put them to bed before 7pm? Do they have no night nourishments or activities? Something is not right here. Run for the hills.

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I worked nocs at several LTC facilities. Ihe fewest residents I ever had was 48, the most 65. And yes, I was the only nurse, no med tech. I did usually have 3 CNAs when I had 60 res, though. sometimes 2 aides.

I think if you had two aides, it would be doable, but not w/ one. It takes two people to lift, turn and repositin most residents. If you only have one aide, you will be helping her w/ turning all noc and won't have time to get your own work done.

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I turned it down and found a better job THE NEXT DAY!



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Congrats Shezam on the new job!

I agree with Cheerfuldoer. Let's ALL just say no to ridiculous staffing requests, unsafe situations and the like. As my grandma used to say.... "they can't walk all over you if you ain't laying down".....



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Poor residents...I am sure they get neglected...


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I, too, work long term care. 11p-7a. I have 50 pts with 2.5 cna's . I would not work it with only one cna. Not enough money. I would flip burgers first. Cause if a pt were to get hurt or wors....I would have to live with for the rest of my life...even if I could say that the cna and myself were busting our tushes. Not enough cna's.


have you heard the phrase....."No way, No how.."

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