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Emergency Education

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Hello All,

I have worked in pediatric level 1 ER for about a year and am now heading up a new education committee. Would love y'alls input on how your hospital educates in a busy ER setting. Right now we currently dont have alot of education and if we have education it is policies based or on any new equipment. I am trying to set up ways to do case studies, refreshers on syndromes, disease processes, medications etc.... Would love any input on what works and doesnt work.



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As the critical care educator, I developed a Critical Care lecture series. On the first Monday of the Month I would offer a one hour lecture (for CE). It was offered 2-3 times per day so more people could make it in. I covered medication, disease process and used case studies at the end to stimulate discussion.

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we have computer based learning so people can sit in whenever their schedule allows. Self-studies work if your objective is for awareness, not skill.