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Embarrassing? (Ladies opinion)


Okay this is a lil embarrassing but it has been on my mind. I decided to post this in the nursing section with students who are already in the program. I am applying to nursing school right now and at my community college the nursing uniform is all white. I was wondering what to do during that time of the month? I know for me, sometimes I have accidental leakage. This could be stupid but please no mean responses.

I can relate to that. If I were you, I would bring an extra change of scrub pants and underthings during that time. Ive leaked through my scrubs , but luckily they were a dark color.

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I don't think this is an embarrassing question or anything you should feel ashamed of posting :)

While I don't have heavy periods myself, I know a few women who do, and they say that they have switched over the diva/moon cup because it holds a lot more of the flow for a longer time period (12hrs or so), versus pads/tampons that need to constantly be changed because of saturation. If you prefer to stick to pads/tampons: double up. Wear a tampon of the highest absorbency and pad. That way at least if the tampon leaks before you can get to it, you have a back=up!

Is it possible to go on the pill to decrease the heaviness, or possibly go on a specific pill to stop periods from happening except for only a few times/year?

Good luck. Sorry about the white uniform. What a ridiculous idea in a mostly female profession.


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When in doubt, use double protection. Applies to many things. :) I use a tampon and a pad and I just change them routinely throughout the day at clinicals.

I went through this, as we had to wear white uniform in the program I was in, and I hated it during that "time", especially since I have very heavy periods. I wore double protection, a tampon, and then a extra long pad. And to keep everything from shifting, I wore a flesh toned control top (basically the spandex tummy control undergarment) like this: Cupid - Light Control Brief with Tummy Panel 4-Pack Style 2106: Intimates : Walmart.com

It helped keep everything in place and no shifting whenever I was moving around or bending down. And then I would just change the tampon and pad a few times a day, depending on the flow. Thankfully, it all worked and I didn't have any problems.

Our pants are white as well. I wear high absorbency and also a panty liner (we are required to wear nude full bottom undies). I never had a problem.

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Well i will tell you that it has never failed that I will start on clinical days..What I do is double up on protection, go to the bathroom frequently (as possible), and I wear black leggings underneath as well. So far so good and I graduate in a couple months :) Good Luck!


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The suggestions by other posters are all fine but I would like to add that they make special protective underwear for urinary incontinence that might be appropriate to adapt/wear. I'm sure you could go on line but it might just be as easy to go to the store and check out a bag of those undies. They sell them in the same aisle just next to the monthly sanitary stuff. They also sell them in health catalogues. (They're white and disposable.)

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I always just wore a pad plus a tampon and went to the bathroom every two or three hours to double check. Never had any problems.

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Extra protection, change frequently. I also have an app to keep track of my cycles so I don't get caught off guard. My uniform is white and I haven't had an accident yet. :)

Keep plenty of pads/tampons in your clinical bag at all times. My period likes to randomly start a week early, or come back for a few days after my period ends. I got caught off guard once, and it will never happen again.

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Wear a tampon with a liner underneath and don't forget to check frequently throughout the day. Also, you can wear leggings or something underneath your pants for extra protection. I always wore leggings underneath the white pants since I didn't want anyone to see my undies anyway. :p Same concept, different reason.

The depends are actually quite comfortable! Lol I saw a pp say the incontinence brief as could be an option. After baby number 2 I had literally no bladder control for a week. They will hold a full bladder worth of urine so im sure they will work for that time of month. They do not feel bulky as nd are comfortable. During my clinicals when I wore all white as well I used.the tampon/pad combo. I was on seasonique though and only had that bad week once a semester.

I used to have to wear kahki colored pants at a previous job so I understand the need for a protection that won't leak! What I found works the best for me is a menstrual cup (diva/moon cup/lunette/etc)...it holds much more than a tampon and is cheaper than continuing to purchase tampons every month (more eco friendly, as well, if you're concerned about that). On my heavy days I also wear a panty liner if I know/suspect I may not be able to get to the bathroom when needed, but even so it very rarely leaks...I love it and would never even consider going back to tampons!

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Oh my I remember that. We all worried when it was that time of the month. I wore tampons and pads together, went to the bathroom to check for leakagefrequently and we all used to tell each other when we needed an extra set of eyes on our white scrubs.

THANKS!!! Ladies. I value each one of your opinion.Whew :)! Glad I wasn't the only one with this issue.

Be mindful of your panties!

Get good ones and check that they hide-- instead of show off-- your pantyliners!

You don't want anyone to see your pad when you bend over!

I wore a flesh colored slimmer. It kept the pad in place better, was an extra layer and it was heavier than regular bloomers so the stark white pad wasn't obvious.

No woman should be forced to wear white pants.

It's almost cruel!


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Extra protection' date=' change frequently. I also have an app to keep track of my cycles so I don't get caught off guard. My uniform is white and I haven't had an accident yet. :)[/quote']

I've been looking for one of these. What's the app called?