El Salvador volunteer opportunities?


I will be traveling to El Salvador for a week in November to visit old family and would love to volunteer while I am there. I am an ER nurse at a large inner-city ER; ACLS certified; fluent in spanish. Would anyone be able to pass along contact information on clinics needing volunteers.


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You may want to try contacting SamaritansPurse.org


Do a GOOGLE search for mission hospitla, el salvador or missions project, church, and you will find churches around the country who raise money and send missionaries including doctors to help the poor.

Here is an example of a website I found for a church in NC that helps a medical clinic in El Salvador. You could call the church and ask if they could put you in contact with someone there:

 Salvadoran Mission Projects - Home

Also, do a search for medical volunteer, El Salvador and there are a lot of leads that you can follow from those websites.

The United Methodist Missions is well respected for world missions projects. You might want to contact them as well.