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El Centro Spring 2020


Hi, anyone on here apply to el centro Spring 2020?

I have a total score of 37 but so scare if that even competitive.

I am applying for El centro Spring 2021!

Have you finished all of your vaccination? I will be applying with 35 for now, but I will retake HESI next week to increase my points.

Yes, thanks god. With everything going on I finally got all vaccinations done last week. Will summit my application by Thursday. I think I should have 39 points total.

Oh! That's good!
Yeah, I guess we might have fewer application pool this semester?
Well, not a lot of people are responding to the forums:(

I contacted school and they told me that they take applications through email? So we should send our application form and our HESI score only and the rest will be done on castle branch.