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El Camino LVN Bridge

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by tothepointeLVN tothepointeLVN (Member)

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Ok so before my medical disasters of last year I was accepted at MSMC for their bridge program pending completion of my prereqs there. Now however my financial situation has changed and I'm looking for more economical options. MSMC gave me a pretty good medical leave of absence so I have until Fall 13 to return without reapplying.

I've been an El Camino student on and off for over a decade and used to be active in student politics there so I am back to finish off my sciences.

Does anyone know how the bridge program works so far as acceptance goes? The advisor assured me I just needed to complete my prereqs and apply and they had taken all the LVN's that had applied since they got rid off the waitlist/lottery.

Is this true? Or is she spinning rainbows for me. My GPA is good etc. I'm not sure the exact # bc it spans 10 years and 4 schools but in the 3.7ish range overall.

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I need answers. I have currently completed all of my pre reqs and want more info on the Compton El Camino Brigde program. Any information or advice would be great.

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