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Effectiveness of IABP

by julieskurian julieskurian (New) New

My friend said IABP is no more effective. It ws really shock for me because i was going in to deep to do some research in IABP and its effectiveness

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Is no more effective than what.........a perutaneous LVAD? probably not.

Is the IABP ineffective?

Your friend is wrong. When used properly it is very effective and useful. What country are you studying in?


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IABPs are great. There used less nowadays in light of the alternatives that are getting easier and easier to implement (impella, L/R/Bi-VADs, ECLS). But an IABP is very effective if used in the right way and we can place them right at the bedside without having to leave the ICU or having our lovely VADs bleed out in front of us. And I like the sound it makes!