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Edukan/Straighterline & Fort Hays State Uni for direct entry msn program requirements

by Shedoc16 Shedoc16 (New) New

Hi, I've done some searching but I haven't come across an answer to this. I want to apply to a few direct entry msn programs but the problem is completing all my science prerequisites. Taking them online would be more helpful (so I could work full time) but not all of the schools I want to apply to accept online courses.

I've signed up through Edukan for microbiology since the only schools I'm interested in that require it also accept me taking it online. But I can't help but think that perhaps I should take my other prereqs through EduKan as well. Or maybe through Straighterline since it's cheaper. Anyone have experience using either EduKan or Straighterline for science prereqs and being accepted into an absn or accelerated msn program?

What do your transcripts look like from the host college through EduKan and through Straighterline? Are there grades or is it just Pass-Fail?