Education Dept-hospital model


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Hi, looking for some information on what is happening at other hospitals in their clinical education department(s) for the staff. Anything you would like to share is appreciated!

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-How many colleagues are in the Education Department? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-How many colleagues are involved in centralized education? -What are the types of roles they do- like TeamSTEPPS, classes, preceptor, orientation…?

[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-Are the floor educators decentralized or are they part of this department?

[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-What involvement do any educators have outside education”- policy writing, what meetings/groups are they part of (do any educators sit on committees like infection prevention, falls etc…). Do floor educators help out with things like residency or whatever other classes there are?[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-What is the educators service area (large hospital, multiple hospitals etc…)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-Is there a Manager leading clinical education? What does the leader do? Do they also own” areas to educate and manage as an a side job?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-Are education FTEs part of the floor? I.E, the colleague has 0.2 FTE to education and working on the floor for the remainder of the FTE?

Again, thank you for anything you can share!


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