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I recently graduated and I been offered a position at the emergency dept. Any advice???

Also, I am looking for a critical care pocket book, does anyone have an idea which book will be helpful.

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I'm a (relatively) new grad that got hired into an ED position. I would recommend two things for you to work on... one is that you need to work on speed and be able start multitasking as soon as you can, the other thing is that you should always remember the pathophys of things. If you have time, try to at least become somewhat familiar with your local EMS system Paramedic protocols as they'll provide a little insight as to how you might want to initially treat some problems that walk through your doors. The protocols in the ED will go way beyond the Paramedic stuff (for hopefully obvious reasons) but the initial stuff should be fairly similar.

It's going to be a steep learning curve, but it'll be fun too.