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ED nursing books?

by bstrongrn bstrongrn (New) New

I am currently working in a level one burn-trauma icu. I just took a job in the ed, im a little nervous about learning to manage more than two pts. Our ed sees over 90,000 pts a year! I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions on a any books that might make the transition easier, thank-you in advance.

ERNurse752, RN

Has 8 years experience.

Go to http://www.ena.org and click on, I think, marketplace. They have an emergency nursing curriculum book, as well as some other good ones. Sheehy's is also an excellent book. I think it's probably on the site as well.

Good luck, it'll be overwhelming for awhile, but I'm sure your burn/trauma ICU experience will come in handy.


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